24. Anti-doping: ITF vs USADA

The administration of anti-doping tests in most sports is shared between the international federation and a player or athlete’s national anti-doping authority. Professional tennis is no different: for US tennis players, anti-doping tests are conducted by both the ITF and USADA (the US Anti-Doping Agency).

Accordingly, following the publication this week by the ITF of anti-doping test data, I wrote a post on the results here.

For US tennis players, below is the 2013 test data from the ITF and also from USADA. You can see that the ITF and USADA tests dovetail quite nicely. For example, Wayne Odesnik, found guilty of importing human growth hormone into Australia in 2010, was tested lightly by the ITF but USADA conducted 14 anti-doping tests on him. Similarly, the majority of US tennis players tested by the ITF were not tested by USADA.

Tests on US professional tennis players by ITF and USADA 2013

24 Chart 1

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