34. Race to London 2014 – ALL the scenarios

Following Andy Murray’s win today in the final of Valencia, here are all the scenarios for qualification for the ATP World Tour Finals in November. Four have already qualified: Djokovic, Federer, Wawrinka and Cilic. Nadal has withdrawn. There are therefore four places up for grabs and they will be filled by four of Murray, Nishikori, Berdych, Ferrer, Raonic, and Dimitrov.

Race to London Murray wins

7 thoughts on “34. Race to London 2014 – ALL the scenarios

  1. Mistake in Scenario #1: If Raonic wins against Ferrer in the final, after the defeat Nishikori & Berdich in the semis and Murray reaches QF … the Scenario is not right.

    • Hi Petrov. Scenario 1 is what each players needs to do in order to qualify for the World Tour Finals without relying on anybody else’s results. Given that only 4 from 6 qualify, the 6 cannot all achieve scenario 1. Only a maximum of 4 can. For example if Dimitrov wins Paris, it will mean that he passes Murray because Murray and Dimitrov are scheduled to meet in R16. So Dimitrov cannot win Paris AND Murray reach the QF. So in summary the table should be read for each player (ie vertically), rather than by scenario (horizontally). Hope that makes sense.

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