37. Men’s Australian Open 2015 grand slam records

For reference, maybe for more, or just for an answer in a pub quiz, here are the Australian Open and Grand Slam match records of the 128 men in the Australian Open 2015 main draw. As Tom Lehrer would have said: for use in a possibly bizarre set of circumstances.

Pick out your favourites, pick out the differences. Most of all, congratulate Marius Copil (Q2, #35). Copil qualified for this year’s event and on Tuesday, the Romanian, still only 24 years old, will play his first ever main draw grand slam match. He has attempted to qualify for 10 previous grand slams. He also has a decent shot against his first round opponent, Pablo Andujar, with a likely second round meeting with last year’s champion, Stan Wawrinka. For Copil as for Wawrinka: ever tried, ever failed, no matter, try again, fail again, fail better (Samuel Beckett).

Quarter 1 (top seeds: Djokovic, Raonic)


Quarter 2 (top seeds: Wawrinka, Nishikori)


Quarter 3 (top seeds: Berdych, Nadal)


Quarter 4 (top seeds: Murray, Federer)



Featured image via sptfm.ro.

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