63. Press – Kyle Edmund – 27.04.2016

27 April 2016

Transcript of Kyle Edmund’s press conference following his singles victory over Daniel Gimeno-Traver 6-3 7-5; and his doubles victory with Frederico Silva over Johan Brunstrom and Andreas Siljestrom 6-4 3-6 10-6. [Questions in English only]

Q: How do you feel about your clay form after winning two matches in two weeks?

Last week was my first match of the year on clay. I thought I had a pretty good win against Lukas Rosol. And then I had a tough match against Garcia-Lopez. So, you know, first tournament of the year on clay you’re going to have to ease into it, find your rhythm, find your range. And I definitely feel from last week to this week I’ve definitely improved especially with my balance on clay, and which balls to attack and which balls to rally, so I thought this morning I played pretty well. He’s obviously a good clay court player and very experienced so to win in straight sets I was happy with this morning.

Q: And just looking ahead to Paire tomorrow?

Yeah I played him probably around this time last year but it was in Guadeloupe on hard, so a different surface but yes his ranking speaks for itself. He’s a very good player. Obviously seeing him play he’s very talented, comes up with a lot of good shots. And can basically hit winners from anywhere on the court, so I ‘m going to have to be ready for that and he’s very tricky in the way that he doesn’t give you any rhythm when he plays. That’s something I’m going to have to deal with when I get out there and work on that. It’s just another opportunity for me to get another match on the clay courts and go out there and you know there’s no pressure on me, I’ll just give it a good go.

Q: I watched your match today. I think’s it’s probably fair to say that you would want to serve a bit better in future.

Yeah, definitely.

Q: Your serve percentage was quite low in the first set. But despite that and despite a couple of forehand unforced errors in the second set, you must be pretty pleased to beat a player like Daniel Gimeno-Traver in straight sets. You might not be pleased much with the performance but the result was fantastic?

I thought the performance was pretty good as well. The two areas where I was a little bit, that needs improvement, was obviously as you said the serve but that’s why this afternoon [playing doubles with Frederico Silva] was a great opportunity for me to go out there and hit my serve and I thought in the doubles I served a lot better. And I thought I actually served pretty well in the doubles so I need to do that in the singles tomorrow.

And then in the second set when he went 4-1 up and got the momentum I thought I went quite soft and lethargic with my play and I wasn’t doing anything, I wasn’t being aggressive or I wasn’t making loads of balls. I was missing and also not really attacking. So once I changed that and started to get my forehand back in play I started having some success and obviously broke him twice to win the set. Yeah as you say it was a good win against a good clay court player, an experienced player and the fact that I didn’t serve great, I think my serve was 30% so the fact that I, you know, got the win with not having much of a serve is also a positive if you look at it in that way.

Q: Kyle, tomorrow you play Benoit Paire. These two matches you play in hot weather [singles and doubles on 27 April]. Tomorrow in night session, do you think it will be difficult for you with the different conditions because it’s at night?

I don’t think it will be any more difficult. If anything it should be a little bit easier because it cools down. I mean it’s about 7 o’clock, coming up to 7 now, when I’m going to play. The weather’s like this, it’s lovely weather, it’s a nice temperature, it’s sunny and I think especially on a clay court those are really nice conditions to play in. And then I think obviously as the match goes on the temperature will drop so I think it will be a lot easier. But, you know, even if it was in the middle of the day like it was this morning, it’s hot conditions but it’s not impossible. I think it’s quite nice playing in that heat. I think if you look at Australia those are uncomfortable conditions to play in but these are not. I think these are just nice conditions if I’m being honest.

Q: Kyle you had a pretty good game last year at Roland Garros then you played the Davis Cup Final on clay. Do you enjoy playing on clay?

Yeah I like playing on clay. I feel it’s my best surface. It helps my game, the way I play I feel like I can really take advantage of that when I’m on the clay. I think it just helps me in lots of different areas, and I enjoy it so especially with the clay court season coming up it’s exciting.

About the doubles match today. The last time you and Frederico played together, it was in Wimbledon, back in your home town or home country . Now you’re playing in Portugal. Seems like you two work well together as doubles. How does it feel to be together and what do you think about Frederico as a partner because you played well in Wimbledon and French Open and US Open when you were juniors?

Yeah I mean since Wimbledon it’s been a long time since we played. You know it’s just worked out well that we’re both playing the same tournament and the opportunity came and Frederico asked me to play and it was a good opportunity for both of us to get back together. And like you said we’ve have good success in the past so I think it was nice to play again. I think this is only our fourth tournament, the other 3 were at the juniors and this is the fourth so we haven’t actually played that much in terms of tournaments but I think we gel well together and when we do play we find a way of trying what works best for us and today I think it was a good win. We haven’t played in a long time so we have no idea, when we were playing we know what we do weakness and strength and how we play but because we haven’t seen each other in a while it just disappears. You lose that so the fact that we were playing against two experienced doubles players and throughout the match we worked out way through and really gained some momentum I think that was really encouraging and positive.

In these years you’ve been following Frederico’s career?

Yes because you’re always on the tennis tour you always see lots of results and you know I see when he’s away and stuff especially through social media as well it’s a big thing you get to see lots of players and where they’re at. Like I say we haven’t really played the same tournaments. I think there was maybe one Futures in Spain that we were together since juniors but this is sort of the first time we’ve really seen each other.

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